I can’t express high enough praise for Parnian…

I can’t express high enough praise for Parnian. She helped me find the perfect home and negotiate a very fair price on it. We ran into some issues during the transaction that were out of our control but Parnian was so professional and so good at smoothing things over with the seller and seller’s broker. I’m pretty sure if I were working with any other real estate agent the deal would have fallen through so I’m very grateful for her ability to handle the situation intelligently and tactfully. If you’d like to have a difficult and frustrating time looking for your home then you should look elsewhere, but if you’d like to acquire your dream home quickly and smoothly then I absolutely recommend Parnian.

Mike Onorato

… Here’s a hint: if you can use the realtor that your realtor uses, then you know you are in good hands!

Parnian was referred to us by our former agent who was retiring, and we are so lucky we found her. Here’s a hint: if you can use the realtor that your realtor uses, then you know you are in good hands! She asked lots and lots of questions about what we wanted in a house, neighborhood and everything, and worked tirelessly to help us find a house, setting up lots of alerts, going through her personal connections and volunteered to knock on any doors of houses / blocks where we were interested. How is that for service? Parnian will also be truthful with you. She was honest in her assessment of what we could get with our budget, noting it would take more time, but not impossible, and that we would find a house eventually. And she was right! Upon finding the house (which we found using one of the alerts she set up for us), we were ready to “go big” with our offer, but Parnian was so smart in assessing the house, the situation with the sellers, the market – everything – that we had a finely tuned, reasonable offer that was accepted the next day. Even during the inspections (the sellers gave us a very short inspection window), Parnian quickly brought in her professionals for all of the inspections and evaluations and we moved confidently toward closing. Every step of the way, she helped us with explaining the documents, updating us on the open items, tracking what else needed to be done and made sure that we were doing everything we were supposed to be doing. She even talked to our lender to try to move along some of the review process that can sometimes hold up a closing, which we really appreciated. Everything was handled electronically and we received full sets of everything at close, which happened a day early, even with the shortened closing schedule. Parnian was also helpful with making sure we thought about everything we’d have to do, what could wait, where we could save money. She handled all of the arrangements to see the house during escrow so we could visit with our designer and contractor. Having Parnian guide us through the purchase was like having an older sister help us with our homework – she knew what she was doing, she explained everything carefully, repeating as necessary, and in the end it was all about us succeeding. Please give Parnian a call and see if she is the right person for you. I don’t know how she wouldn’t be. Thank you Parnian for helping us find our dream home, even in this crazy west side market.

Steve B.